November 26, 2012

Gemstones and Flowers


      "Dali meets Disney" in "Gemstones and Flowers" by Sarkis Mazmanian. Fantasy figures prominently in this large scale work, (8ft x 4.5ft) which combines realism and surrealism. Sarkis dabbles in his own visionary magic with a technical ability to make his most fanciful visions wholly believable. combining floating gemstones and shapely floral forms to evolve a dream like mood. In a very personal style, Sarkis applies luminous veils of transparent color floating over the sharply defined geometric forms of the realistic gemstones.  While romantic and visionary, it is a very bold work  Ideas of abundance and glorious colors combined in a very spontaneous and vigorous energy to make this a very engaging work of art.  check it out along with other visionary works of art at

1 comment:

  1. The gemstones are luminously shining in their light.