November 26, 2012

Gemstones and Flowers


      "Dali meets Disney" in "Gemstones and Flowers" by Sarkis Mazmanian. Fantasy figures prominently in this large scale work, (8ft x 4.5ft) which combines realism and surrealism. Sarkis dabbles in his own visionary magic with a technical ability to make his most fanciful visions wholly believable. combining floating gemstones and shapely floral forms to evolve a dream like mood. In a very personal style, Sarkis applies luminous veils of transparent color floating over the sharply defined geometric forms of the realistic gemstones.  While romantic and visionary, it is a very bold work  Ideas of abundance and glorious colors combined in a very spontaneous and vigorous energy to make this a very engaging work of art.  check it out along with other visionary works of art at

September 25, 2012

The Goddess Tranformed

With true love and passion almost any dream can become a reality. There once was a truly dedicated artist who put so much effort and time into a statue of a woman, he had fallen in love with her. For many days the and nights he wished upon the gods in the stars to make this statue into a being. The story states that his wish did come true and they lived In harmony until the end of time. But the story lives on, Sarkis has created his own modern perspective of this story.

Now almost two thousand three hundred years later Sarkis has created his very own perspective of Pygmalion's sculpture. Combining elegant art from Greece, with a twist of modern and his other ideas and views. These fours massive panels expressing with great detail the contemporary and classical forms of the artwork. Perhaps Sarkis' most infamous and breathtaking piece can shed new life upon your gallery or your personal space. It's spontaneous streaks of neons, and classical theme will allure onlookers and guests to admire its vast beauty. Don't forget to check out Sarkis' website and keep checking for new blogs! Thanks for reading!

August 16, 2012

The King Playing Slots

The kingis back in town baby! That’s right, the one and only Elvis, King of Rock andRoll. Slots, bright lights, the king himself, showgirls: we can only be in oneplace, Vegas! Get out the cash cause were hitting the slots with Elvis and thegirls!

It seems as though the hands of time have turned back, and we’ve been taken to Las Vegas. This original piece of artwork by Sarkis, takes us away to a place of no worries and good times with our friends. So if your missing the luxurious city of Las Vegas, be taken back with a glance at this mixed media print. The night scene with bright spontaneous colors will instantly be a marvelous addition to your home or your personal collection. If you love the piece, you can always see more from the Las Vegas collection at   Don't forget the Artvolution of Sarkis is coming to Las Vegas and the World! Thanks for visiting the blog, and don't forget to come back to see more of Sarkis' artwork!