March 12, 2013

Papal Portrait

      A grand and sweeping portrait of Pope Benedict XVI by Artist Sarkis Mazmanian is now unveiled ! To view this magnificent work of art visit and click on the portraits icon   A life size 3/4 length grand portrait of Pope Benedict XVI is now on view at  It is elegant and luxurious with a true sense of grandeur, depicting the Pontiff in St Peter's Basilica. He is seen in front of the Throne of St. Peter, the stained glass oval depicting the Holy Spirit seen in the upper right section of the painting  The Pontiff is seen bestowing blessings to all  This is a portrait done in the grand manner, filled with color, brilliance and theatricality The opulence of the papal robes are painted with brilliant use of loose brush strokes conveying the rich golden hued robes and shimmering jewels adorning the Popes vestments
      The face and hands of the Pontiff are painted with great sensitivity, capturing the spiritual depth of the Pope. Pope Benedict XVI was very pleased with the portrait.

Detail 1
Detail 2